Preventing Mortgage Fraud with Heritage Pacific Financial

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“Heritage Pacific Financial Announces New Legal Strategy”
Dallas, TX November 2009 — Heritage Pacific Financial has established an in-house legal division and filed suit against 100 defendants in California for mortgage loan fraud.
Ben Ganter, Heritage Pacific Financial Director of Client Relations, announced the new strategy: “As the mortgage crisis has deepened in the last two years, it has become clear that a massive amount of mortgage loan fraud has been committed by borrowers who took advantage of laws that were intended to help low income buyers.  This has hurt honest people who have been playing by the rules, making it difficult for them to get new mortgages.  It has even hurt people who are not trying to get a mortgage right now, because this kind of fraud – in the amounts we are seeing – leads to reduced property values and a loss of confidence in the market.
“In addition to recovering damages in civil lawsuits, Heritage Pacific Financial will be working with the FBI and financial regulators to try to help identify people who committed the worst frauds.  Hopefully, Heritage Pacific Financial can help end these practices and help return confidence to the mortgage marketplace.”
Preventing Mortgage Fraud with Heritage Pacific Financial
Heritage Pacific Financial is designed to help consumers educate themselves about mortgage fraud and learn how to avoid becoming either a victim or perpetrator of mortgage fraud. Unlike much of the information that is available regarding mortgage fraud, Heritage Pacific Financial emphasizes on the consumer aspects of fraud and fraud prevention, rather than those aspects that are mainly of interest to lenders and other mortgage professionals.

Heritage Pacific Financial knows that mortgage fraud is a growing problem. The FBI reported over 63,000 total incidents of actual and suspected mortgage fraud in 2008. Early figures found with Heritage Pacific Financial for 2009 show a rapid increase in suspicious activity as scam artists seek to take advantage of vulnerable homeowners in the weakened economy, with over 40,000 cases reported through the month of April. The problem is more acute in some states than others; in terms of relative numbers, the top 10 states for mortgage fraud activity in 2008 were California, Colorado, Florida, Georgia, Illinois, Maryland, Michigan, Missouri, New York, and Rhode Island.

Heritage Pacific Financial explains, in clear, straightforward terms what mortgage fraud is and why consumers need to be concerned about it. Heritage Pacific Financial outlines some of the more common mortgage frauds, how to protect yourself from fraud, warning signs of mortgage fraud and an overview of government and nongovernmental agencies that investigate mortgage fraud or can otherwise be of assistance in dealing with it. Heritage Pacific Financial provides a breakdown of resources where consumers can turn for help in dealing with mortgage fraud, including law enforcement agencies and regulatory bodies.
Avoiding mortgage fraud with heritage pacific financial
“Mortgage fraud has become increasingly common across the country, particularly as it relates to foreclosure rescue, loan modification scams and short sale scams,” says
There are many organizations that can help you when facing financial problems or foreclosure, but it is more important than ever to make sure you are dealing with a reputable organization before getting involved like that of Heritage Pacific Financial. For more information visit A good rule of thumb is that unsolicited help, whether in person, on the phone, or by mail should be fully researched before accepting any help.

Heritage Pacific Financial wants you to remember, you should never:
be charged a fee in exchange for housing counseling services,
be charged an upfront fee for services related to the modification of a delinquent loan,
or be pressured into signing paperwork you do not understand.
To protect your home and your equity and avoid falling victim to fraudulent schemes, it is important that you are able to recognize – and report – fraudulent activities as soon as possible. Contact Heritage Pacific Financial at for more information.
For additional information, contact: Heritage Pacific Financial, Ken Knox

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Helpful Information on Heritage Pacific Financial

Heritage Pacific Financial
Heritage Pacific Financial has one of the largest and most diverse litigation and counseling practices in the nation representing the debt acquisition industry. Our cross-disciplinary team brings together experienced attorneys from the national consumer financial services of Heritage Pacific Financial, class action defense, government policy, tax, employment and business services practices.

Heritage Pacific Financial has long represented some of the largest companies in the debt acquisition and collection industry. In addition, Heritage Pacific Financial has successfully defended or are currently defending putative class actions and other complex litigation across the country, including claims arising out of the Fair Debt Collections Practices Act (FDCPA) and state law equivalents, the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA), and various other federal and state laws governing communications with debtors, the rights and obligations of debt buyers and the collection process itself. Heritage Pacific Financial litigates have obtained successful results putative class actions at the motion to dismiss and class certification phases, and the class action team of Heritage Pacific Financial has achieved unparalleled success in class action trials.

Working in conjunction with the structured finance and securitization practice, Heritage Pacific Financial also provides our clients with a full range of services in the structured finance and asset securitization area in connection with every phase of the public and private issuance of securities. The number of such transactions with Heritage Pacific Financial has grown tremendously in recent years as the structured finance and securitization industry has evolved into a substantial source of financing for many companies.

Heritage Pacific Financial also counsels large-scale debt buyers and collectors concerning regulatory matters and otherwise provide dynamic and innovative legal advice on a wide range of debt acquisition and litigation issues. With respect to legislation and compliance issues, the 100 years of experience at Heritage Pacific Financial enables us to provide clients with an in-depth analysis of pending state and federal legislation, and with respect to new trends in litigation that may threaten the viability of the industry.

Philosophy with Heritage Pacific Financial
The mission at Heritage Pacific Financial is to provide services that meet client expectations in an efficient and effective manner, which is equally professional and compassionate. In doing so, continuously improve and distinguish ourselves in the collection industry as a premier company offering deceased related services to our clients. Provide employees at Heritage Pacific Financial with a harmonious and secure team environment where all will grow in experience, satisfaction and success from their work.
The Goals of Heritage Pacific Financial
Heritage Pacific Financial holds Client Satisfaction at the highest regard: We will identify client needs, set clear targets and measure our achievement against their expectations.
Employee Excellence: Provide a system that supports employee excellence so that their work is performed to the highest professional standards. All employees at Heritage Pacific Financial will be supported with appropriate resources, communication systems, and training in their responsibilities and industry requirements.
Cost Effectiveness: Our client orientation means that we concentrate resources on the achievement of their expectations. The focus of our continuous improvement programs at Heritage Pacific Financial will be to eliminate cost that does not add to client value or toward meeting our internal business objectives.
Profitability with Heritage Pacific Financial: Profit is necessary to meet business objectives and future client expectations at Heritage Pacific Financial. Profit should also be linked to rewards and value added performance.
For more information visit today.

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